Patch Notes

Playtest Version 2.1

- Soldier expertise skills updated to change swords to blades

- The "High" Condition updated the advantages. "drinking" checks adv to "Charm"

- Removed the Drinking skill effect from the "Intoxicated" Condition and changed the condition allowing players to become intoxicated by choice only.

- Updated the Pioneer Character Class

- Changed expertise skill scavenging to Animal Handling

- Changed the "Calm the Herd" Ability's skills check from Persuasion to Animal Handling

- Changed the "Stampede" Ability's skills check from Persuasion to Animal Handling

- Updated the Warrior Character Class

- Changed the Expertise skill Blades to Tracking

- Updated the "Skills Defined" Section with the necessary changes and Alphabetized the section.

- Alphabetized the Expertise Skills Within each character class by skills in order of traits fighting, social, technical, then survival.

- Added the Animals, "Cow" and "Cattle Dog"

- Added an animals text section, describing gameplay with them.

- Slightly Increased Pistol Ranges

- Very Slightly Increased Shotgun Ranges

- Drastically Reduced Rifle Ranges

- Reduced Bow Ranges.

- Updated Character Sheet 3.2

- Alphabetized the Skills Section

- Moved "Blades" from survival to fighting.

- Changed "Blades or Knives" to "Animal Handling" under survival

- Changed "Drinking" to "Charm"

- Updated NPC Card to 1.7

- Added a Player Character Card for use in combat for the GM. Identical to the NPC card in size it can be used to determine initiative and have important stats at the ready for both player and GM.

- Some visual changes regarding chart colors and text size.

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